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Suyen Gonzalez

Suyen Gonzalez

Suyen Gonzalez

Caregiver/Domestic Helper/ Elderly Care

Suyen is a highly educated and compassionate caregiver, who dedicates her life to supporting people in need of care. She has 8 years of experience working in the healthcare sector, including 4 years working in elderly care. She holds a nursing degree in professional nursing from the  Bluefields Indian and Carribean University in Nicaragua. Ms. Gonzalez is charismatic, caring, and poised. She endeavors to deliver outstanding services as well as build companionship with her clients. Ms. Gonzalez can provide daily needs including homemaking, cooking, and supplementary therapy. she is very flexible and is a great multi-tasker. In addition to her assignments as Caregiver,  Suyen is also a great babysitter. 


Qualifications/Skills: Bachelor's Degree - Nursing BICU, First Aid / CPR trained

Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish. 

Swimmer: Yes

Drivers License: No