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Domestic Housekeeping

Domestic Housekeeping

Domestic Housekeeping/Childcare


AAA Caregivers offers fulltime or part-time housekeepers who provide cleaning services in private homes, condos, apartments or offices. Housekeeping services are provided to help relieve the burden of maintaining your home in a clean, tidy and organized manner. Clients maybe busy, studying, traveling or simply busy with more important family concerns. Some parents are just too tired to clean, but like to see the home clean and tidy, with pleasant odours.

This is where we can be of service. We offer a cleaning service for a minimum of 4 hours morning or afternoon and we also provide fulltime helpers who can work 8-9 hours per day. Service maybe once for the week or more depending on the need.

Cleaning may consist of sweeping, moping, cleaning all surfaces, utilities, fans, shelves, dusting and sweeping. Staff are made aware of the importance of doing a good job from the beginning.

We also offer full-time caregivers who just take care of a child or children in the home.

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Tourists and Residents

These services are also offered to short term visitors or long term residents at private residences, suites, villas, condos or apartments, island wide.

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