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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Minimum Disruption with Maximum Quality Cleaning Service

House keeping AAA Caregivers has been cleaning offices for the past 10 years. A professional approach to customers' specific cleaning requirements is the key to our success. Cleaning services are provided with a minimum of disruption. Staff are trained to pay close attention to detail, which results in total customer satisfaction.

Staff are sensitized to the importance of not disturbing valued documents while getting the job well done. Confidentiality and trustworthy staff are hand picked for office cleaning jobs. Keys maybe provided for the cleaner to come in following closure for the day or maybe completed prior to arrival of staff in the morning.

This service is available from 2 to 9 hours daily depending on the need, location and contractual agreement.

Supplies maybe provided by the Agency at additional costs.

Complete the questionnaire and submit to the agency for a quote and we will get back to you promptly.

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Note : Cleaning supplies provided by Client/Agency

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