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About Us

AAA caregivers, originally named Capable Caregivers, was established in 2001 by the owner/manage, who has over 30 years experience in childcare and who saw the increasing need for quality housekeeping and childcare services in a fast growing community. Expanded services now include, care of the elderly and Nursing care.

About Us AAA Caregivers is pleased to offer domestic housekeepers, babysitters, office-cleaners, maid service and caregivers through our highly sought after and industrious staff. The Agency employs Caymanians, Filipinos, Jamaicans and Spanish ladies, who are specially selected and trained to be meticulous in attention to detail. Our staff demonstrates their reliability, flexibility and caring attitude on a daily basis and are an asset to the Agency and valued by our clients.

Applicants seeking an opportunity to work with the Agency, go through a rigorous interview where they are expected to demonstrate a level of knowledge and maturity that our customers appreciate. Following interviews, references are checked and past work history is carefully evaluated.

Agency Staff are trained in CPR/First Aid, basic childcare, safety and customer service.

The Agency ensures strict confidentiality at all times.

Select the area that matches your needs, complete the questionnaire and submit to the agency. We will send you the information, booking and conditions form completed with the rates for your confirmation signature. Once signed return to the Agency for assignment.

We welcome you to view our photos and read our testimonials. Let us know if there are any other services not offered that we may be able to assist you with.

Client satisfaction is our Goal and duty.